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You are now ready to select the test you would like to take. Just select the test by clicking over the round shape dot to the left of the "Test Name" and click proceed. When you make a selection the selected test information will replace this information panel. You can then continue selecting more tests in the same manner.  

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Here you can view two types of icons. A "Practice" icon indicates that the given test contains answer keys, but no solutions during the review sessions. The other type is the "Practice & Learn" type where both answer keys and learning material like detailed solutions or hints are shown during the review sessions. Remember that the review session is reachable from the result page only.
Your Attempts Count and Test-Type Information is displayed here.
The number of attempts you have made in Full-Length test mode is displayed here.
The number of attempts you have made in Unit-wise testing mode is displayed here.
Test type 'P' indicates a Practice Test with answer keys displayed during review of tests. A 'PL' type would mean the practice and learn mode, where review of tests show learning material wherever provided by the test-author.
A Full-Length test is like a preset Mock-Test that starts immediately by selecting appropriate number of questions and time duration.
In a Unit Test, you are given few other Screens of options that allow you to select a Unit (Subject or Topic) and then adjust your test parameters such as no. of questions, time, sub-unit etc.
Practice-Point Alert!

Dear User,

This is a PAID test. Since you do not have sufficient practice-points with you currently, you can not proceed further.

You can now visit our e-shop to buy a test-pack. After the purchase is complete, the practice points are updated in your account. You can then select this test again to continue your attempts. The practice-points that are deducted for this test can be seen by pressing the button test-details.

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You have exhausted the number of attempts allowed for this test.